Belize Youth

When we were there we taught home school and befriended Miss Williams who was the head teacher for the home school program.

We became close and she was always praying for the ministry. After we left Belize, she told us about 5 different kids in Belize who had financial struggles when it came to cover their school fees and school supplies. From serving at the home we know how important education is in Belize. Almost half the population there is under the age of 18 and a good majority of youth wind up in gangs or on the street. By providing them with education it decreases their risk of this to happen.


Vessels for Christ supports Debbisha Moriera, Alvin Sandoval, Preyia Andrews, Danielle Andrews, and Kylesha Andrews. These kids range in age from 12-18. We keep an eye on their school report cards every semester and urge them to grow in Christ.  It has been encouraging to see some of these kids already graduate from high school.  We are continuing to try to help them as they transition into college and trade school.


Alvin (bottom left): Likes to play soccer. Recently graduated. Debbisha (bottom right): Enjoys school, plays basketball, spends time with her cousins a lot. Social studies is her favorite class. Wants to stay in Belize and attend college there. Kylesha: Wants to be a teacher in the future. Spends her time at church with her youth group. Preyia: Wants to be a pediatrician and try to attend school in the U.S. Danielle: She loves singing and music. She is in the choir. Her goal is to go to school to be a doctor. Her favorite color is purple and pink. She loves sports and her favorite subject is Social-studies.