Myanmar Evangelist

We were like minded in theology and the truth of Jesus Christ.

He was a great encouragement while I was there and has been a great encouragement since I have been gone. We had many talks about how he felt called to go back to Mandalay where he is from and serve as an evangelist among the Buddhist people there. He used to be Buddhist and could speak and relate to them on his previous religious beliefs.   I thought this was key into sharing the gospel with these people. He felt a strong call to do this. I encouraged him to leave the school and go ministering to the Buddhist’s in Mandalay. Since then, this ministry has supported him to do a gospel camp in Mandalay. We will continue to support him as he does the work of the Lord in that region. Please continue to pray for him.  If you would like to support the future gospel camps that he will be holding feel free to donate and designate that this is where you would like it to go.


His name has been changed to protect his identity while in India.